Tuition media: A fraud trap for students

Tuition media: A fraud trap for students


Published: 17:56 8 January 2022  

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“We are giving tuition, we are hiring a private tutor” — such advertisements are filled in the capital Dhaka from lampposts, street walls to Facebook. Many university students are falling into traps for these lucrative tuition advertisements. Such fraud in the name of tuition media has been set up at the beginning of the year, especially, centering the newly admitted university students.

It is learned that a number of unscrupulous tuition dealers have been offering lucrative tuition to university groups from different IDs by sharing status and anonymously on different Facebook groups on the condition of 50 percent commission. The list who fell into such traps is mostly students from Dhaka University, Jagannath University and various famous colleges and universities in Dhaka.

The students, especially lower and middle-class university students, are contacting this fraud tuition media to run their own expenses, however, they have to lose all the money of their own expenses brought from the family. They have to lose all the money of their own hands brought from the family. Especially many newcomers in Dhaka are facing huge losses by falling into these traps before they understand anything. 

It is also learned that with the promise of tuition in the media – various amounts of money were collected in the name of ‘registration fee’ first. Later, in the name of giving tuition, they keep turning away the students, by saying “now and then”.  

In some cases, tuition is provided, however, 50-70 percent of the first month’s salary is deducted from the concerned student before joining the tuition. Many of these students later lose everything when guardians leave out the tutor within a week or two. 

A victim who is a student of Jagannath University said that after seeing a tuition offer on a Facebook ID called ‘Shamim Ahmed’ a few days ago, he contacted him, however, asked the victim to pay Tk 1000 in advance. “After sending the money through Bkash, I could not communicate with that person anymore. He blocked me from all places,” he added. 

Another university student said they have to pay a “media fee in advance” to get tuition. “If we don’t go after that tuition and get confirmed, we have to lose all our capital and labor. Tuition media no longer communicates with us.” 

All these anonymous tuition media does not only cheat students, but they also cheat guardian and parents who seek them a private tutor for their children’s study.   

A guardian from Old Dhaka said when they go to a tuition media for their son, they demand a registration fee of Tk 500 for giving a teacher. Even after paying the advance, they did not find us a teacher. They could not be found anywhere.

The victim students and parents demanded that none should be the victim of such fraud and demanded the intervention of the administration to stop the violence of these fake media.