New jobs in COVID-19

New jobs in COVID-19

Salah Uddin

Published: 17:39 17 July 2020   Updated: 20:00 17 July 2020

New jobs in COVID-19

New jobs in COVID-19

Siam took a job in a buying house after finishing his studies. But within a few months, he lost the job due to coronavirus pandemic. He did not have the capacity to stay for two months in Dhaka. He could not return to the village due to disgrace and started an online business with little capital. Another man named Parvez, who used worked at a media at the beginning of coronavirus, lost his job. He also introduced online food delivery to survive in the current situation. Sajjad, another media worker, is doing business online as well as various spices including honey, mustard oil, black cumin.

When many people are leaving the Capital for the village after losing jobs amid coronavirus pandemic; some people are choosing online platforms to survive.

Although many industries have closed down due to COVID-19. The door of many jobs is being opened again. One of the examples of the growth of online-centric businesses is the busyness of courier service providers in the country.

When other institutions are cutting jobs courier service companies are seeking employees. People are ordering more online to meet their food and other needs due to coronavirus. And these products are being delivered by courier service companies. So they need a lot more manpower than usual. 

Hafizur Rahman Pulak, president of the Courier Services Association of Bangladesh and vice chairman of the Sundarbans Courier Services Pvt Ltd, told Daily Bangladesh that product delivery has increased more than normal time. They usually passing a busy time during the fruit season. But now people are under house arrest due to coronavirus, the supply of other products has also increased. So new people have to be recruited in the courier service companies.

Jamil Ahmed used to run his family by working in graphics design. He used to do freelancing inside the country. But his work stopped due to COVID-19. Getting no other way he made an advertisement on Facebook for home-made foodservice and got a source that a hospital authority in Farmgate is looking for home-made food for their officers. Jamil Ahmed contracted with the hospital with food samples cooked by his mother. The hospital authorities also accept it. By providing food to a total of 90 people 3 times a day, he now earns more than Tk 50,000 per month.

People are now relying on online platforms for entertainment due to coronavirus. When people are being cut off from newspapers, the number of viewers is increasing on TVs and YouTube channel.

Asad Al Hossain, a resident of Mirpur in the capital, once worked as a video editor for a private TV channel. He left his job a year ago and started freelancing. At present his organization has more than 30 employees. He rented another office amid coronavirus pandemic and recruiting new staff. He said that he does video editing for several top YouTube channels in Europe and America. He is getting a lot of work from these channels during the coronation period. As a result, he has to hire new staff.

Although many people have lost their jobs due to coronavirus many new jobs are being created. This possibility is increasing especially in the field of information technology. In this context, BASIS leader Samsuddoha said that while many people are losing their jobs due to coronavirus, technology-dependent sectors are creating new possibilities. Many are being benefited from this sector. From the creation of a product and delivering it to the consumer, many people are needed.