Sufferings of train passengers

Sufferings of train passengers

Akhaura (Brahmanbaria)

Published: 18:41 6 March 2020   Updated: 18:41 6 March 2020

Train; File Photo

Train; File Photo

The movement of five local trains including Jalalabad, Demu, Balla, and Chandpur expresses that are operated on the country’s eastern side Akhaura-Sylhet, Cumilla-Akhaura-Dhaka, Chandpur-Akhaura-Bhairab, and Shaistaganj-Akhaura-Bhairab have temporarily stopped for a long time due to various reasons including engine shortages. 

Due to the closure of passenger local trains on those railways, the train passengers are constantly suffering. However, the railway authorities could not say when the trains would run again on those routes. 

Akhaura Railway Station sources said that two demo trains that were traveling on the Cumilla-Akhaura-Dhaka and Akhaura-Sylhet railways stopped since 2018. Shortly thereafter, the Balla Local on Shaistaganj-Akhaura-Bhairab and Chandpur Local on Akhaura-Sylhet were stopped. 

The Jalalabad Express train was recently closed. As a result of the sudden closure of five trains on those routes, the train passengers are experiencing extreme sufferings, although there are a large number of passengers on those routes.

Meanwhile, hundreds of students used to study at Cumilla-Akhaura, Brahmanbaria, Ashuganj, and Bhairab educational institutes every day by train by Jalalabad Demu, Chandpur Local and Balla trains. At the same time, people from different classes, including employers, businessmen, used to travel from place to place every day. Now they have to travel on the road with extra money as the train is closed.

Due to the closure of the five passenger trains that run on those railways, the railways are deprived of huge revenue. Ordinary commuters demanded from the concerned railway authorities to start trains on those routes immediately. 

Md Ismail Hossain, a second-year student of Brahmanbaria Government College who is coming from Chanpur village of Uttar UP of the upazila, said all classes including private classes could be done in Brahmanbaria by trains. 

It is very difficult to go to college as the local trains are now closed. Because it costs more than 100 bucks a day to go to college on the road. Spending so much money is becoming very difficult, he added.

Md Imran Hossain, an employer of a private institution, said he had to be present at the office around 9:00 am. He had to use the road as there are no local trains. “It takes more than a day and a half from home to office, office to home,” he added. 

Akhaura Railway Station Super Md. Kamrul Hassan Talukder said that five trains including Demu, Balla, and Chandpur locals have confirmed the closure. The movement of those trains has been stopped for various reasons including engine shortages.