WhatsApp launching excellent features

WhatsApp launching excellent features

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Published: 16:44 4 January 2022  

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Smart device messaging app WhatsApp always prioritizes innovation. The company is constantly launching new features. WhatsApp is bringing at least seven new features this year. Among these are message reactions, WhatsApp logout and communities.

Check out the details of the new 7 features-

Reaction to the message

This feature was first introduced in Messenger. If you keep pressing on the message, you can react to it differently. Alike messenger, this feature may come to WhatsApp soon.


Community feature will work somewhat like a WhatsApp group. According to WhatsApp Beta Info, the community feature will allow users to organize their WhatsApp groups better. This means that you can control all the groups, from one place to another and related settings.

Chat Transfer from Android to iOS

WhatsApp is bringing a much awaited feature this year. Chat history can be transferred from the new iPhone to the Android device. However, there is still no way to transfer WhatsApp chat from Android phone to iPhone. However, WhatsApp is working on this.

WhatsApp logout

According to the report, the account deletion option of WhatsApp will be completed through WhatsApp logout. Deleting an account deletes the user's account, including name, chat, and media files. However, the new feature allows users to easily take a break from WhatsApp when needed. They can log in and log out whenever they want.

Reel on Instagram-WhatsApp

Meta is currently working to integrate all of its platforms, including WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram. That work will go a long way next year. It is known that Instagram reels support will come on WhatsApp. However, there is no official news about the release of the feature yet.

Hide the last scene selectively

This update may come soon. According to the report, the last feature can be hidden separately for some special contacts in the new feature.

Can be deleted at any time

Now the message sent till the specified time can be deleted for everyone. WhatsApp may lift that deadline in next year's update. However, there is no official news about the release of the feature yet.

Public release of multi-device support

This feature will be available for iOS and Android beta users this year. You can log in to the same account on multiple phones, tablets and computers at the same time. It is expected to be launched in the general version next year.