Bangladesh tops among SAARC countries in cyber security

Bangladesh tops among SAARC countries in cyber security


Published: 12:10 24 August 2021   Updated: 12:45 24 August 2021

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Bangladesh has improved 27 steps in the National Cyber Security index. Bangladesh ranks first among SAARC countries with a score of 59.74. 

This information is included in the National Cyber ​​Security Index compiled by the Estonian-based e-Governance Academy Foundation.

The National Cyber ​​Security Index (NCSI) is made based on assessing basic cyberattack preparedness, cyber incidents, crime and major crisis management activities.

Bangladesh has risen to the 38th position in the index - based on the cyber security and digital development situation of 180 countries in the world. 

Bangladesh was ranked 65th in the index published in December 2020.

Bangladesh ranks first in South Asia with a score of 59.84 in the index. India ranks 39th among the countries in the region.

The United States ranks 17th in the index, and the United Kingdom ranks 19th. Among the top 20 countries, Asia’s only representative Singapore ranks at 16th, Sri Lanka at 69th and Pakistan at 70th. Japan is in 34th place, China is in 73rd place. 

Other SAARC countries include Sri Lanka has ranked 69th, Pakistan 70th, Nepal 98th, Bhutan 116th and Afghanistan ranked 133rd. The Maldives is not on the list. 

The last five countries on the index are Congo, Burundi, Solomon Islands, Tuvalu and South Sudan.