Today`s load-shedding schedule

Today`s load-shedding schedule


Published: 09:48 6 August 2022   Updated: 12:23 6 August 2022

Today`s load-shedding schedule

Today`s load-shedding schedule

Due to a shortage of power generation because of the energy crisis, the country is going through area-wise load-shedding. According to the government's instructions, the electricity distribution companies have published the list load-shedding schedule for Saturday (August 6).

Consumers can view this list by visiting specific links on the websites of Dhaka Electricity Distribution Company (DPDC), Dhaka Electricity Supply Company (DESCO), Northern Electricity Supply Company (NESCO), West zone Power Distribution Company (WPDCL) and Bangladesh Rural Electrification Board (BREB).

Load-shedding Schedule at a Glance -






Daily scheduled load-shedding across the country began on July 19 owing to the supply crunch following the government's decision to shut down high-cost diesel-powered power plants to save energy. Earlier, the decision of load shedding was announced by the government on July 18.