Sleep on Father, we stay up with your ideal in the chest: PM

Sleep on Father, we stay up with your ideal in the chest: PM


Published: 10:59 18 March 2020   Updated: 17:05 24 June 2020

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina addresses on the hundredth birth anniversary of the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman - PID

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina addresses on the hundredth birth anniversary of the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman - PID

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina urged the new generation to make themselves worthy citizens by following the ideals of Bangabandhu, saying that people of the country will be stayed up with his ideals will be kept up forever with the flag given by him.

The Prime Minister said "you are asleep in the green shades of Tungipara in the lap of parents. Oh father, sleep in peace, Your Bangladesh is moving at an irreversible speed; will move forward. We'll stay up with your ideal in the chest. The people will be awakened from generation to generation in the Sonar Bangladesh of your dreams. The flag you have given will remain kept up forever.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said this while addressing the nation on the occasion of the 100th birth anniversary of the Father of the Nation and inauguration of the year-long Mujib Borsho.

The daughter of the father of the nation reiterated her firm commitment to establish the Sonar Bangladesh of Bangabandhu's dream and said, “Father, our commitment to you, we will build the Sonar Bangla of your dreams. That day is not far away.”

In this context, Sheikh Hasina elaborates on a famous song of Rabindranath, 'Tomar Potaka Jare Dao, Tare Bohibare Dao Shakti. Tomar Sebar Mohot Proyash Sohibare Dao Bhakti’ (Those whom, you give your flag, give it the strength to bear; Give him enough devotion to bear your greatness).

The Mujib Borsho as well the hundredth birth anniversary was inaugurated formally through the fireworks in the capital’s Suhrawardy Uddyan at 8:00 pm on Tuesday night keeping coherency with birth time of the Father of the Nation. The national anthem was sung in the voices of hundreds of children. Immediately afterwards President Md. Abdul Hamid delivered his speech to the nation.

Bangabandhu's younger daughter Sheikh Rehana expressed her feelings for the occasion. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina recited Sheikh Rehana's poem 'Baba' written for the father of the nation.

Some of the lines in the poem are:

‘Janmadine Pratibar Ektee Ful Diye

Shubhechcha Janano Chilo

Amar Sobcheye Anando.

Ar Kakhono Pabo Na Ei Sukh

Ar Kakhono Bolte Parbo Na

Shuvo Janmadin.’

Sheikh Hasina said, “Father! brutal bullets of slayer have taken you away, your body was bloodied; Tried to erase your name from the history of Bangladesh. But they couldn't. The murderers did not realize that your blood was spreading from the stairs of house number 32 to all over Bangladesh. Billions of Mujibs were born in this.”

"So the people of Bangladesh are awake today to seek the truth. History cannot be deleted. Truth cannot be covered with lies. Today, not only Bangladesh, your birth anniversary is being celebrated worldwide,” said Sheikh Hasina.

Bangabandhu's daughter said Bangladesh has been recognized through the world in the glory of your sacrifice.

The song ‘Dhonyo Mujib Dhonyo, Bangla Mayer Mukti Elo Emon Cheler Jonno,' also sung in the voice of hundreds of children. Sheikh Rehana, the youngest daughter of the father of the nation, joined the singing the song composed by Kamal Chowdhury with Nashib Khan’s lyric while ‘Shotojantri’ plays the instrumental music.

The dance drama ‘Chitrapote Drishyokabye Bangabandhu’ was performed by the artists of the Shilpakola Academy. In addition, the ‘Father's Vision of the Floating World’, a presentation on the historic ‘7th March speech ob Bangabandhu was presented. Then the opening ceremony of the year-long program of Mujib was concluded with the unprecedented display of laser light by singing 'Joy Mujib Joy, Joy Banglar Joy'. Fireworks flashed 'Happy Birthday’ in the night sky.

The video greetings of Bhutan's King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck, Nepali President Bidhya Devi Bhandari, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, UN Secretary-General António Guterres and OIC Secretary-General Dr Yousef Al-Othaimeen, on the occasion of the inauguration of Mujib Borsho were broadcasted.

Eminent playwright Ramendu Majumder and the daughter of martyr intellectual Dr Abdul Alim Chowdhury Nozhat Chowdhury conducted the ceremony.

A hundred years ago, on March 17, 1920, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was born at 8:00 pm, in Tungipara village of Patggati UP under the then Gopalganj subdivision of Faridpur district. Coincidentally the day was also Tuesday.

His father, Sheikh Lutfar Rahman, was a serestadar (court clerk) of the Gopalganj Sessions Court and his mother's name is Sayera Khatun. Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was the third child of a family of four daughters and two sons. His sisters are Fatima Begum, Achia Begum, Helen and Lyle; His younger brother's name is Sheikh Abu Naser.

After establishing a unique example of patriotism, he was later honoured with the title Bangabandhu and created Bangladesh based on the Bengali language. Not only Bangladesh but friendly countries, UNESCO and OIC and various international organizations are also celebrating the Mujib Borsho. The golden jubilee of our independence will be celebrated on March 26, 2021. Until that day, Mujib Borsho will be celebrated through various ceremonies.

The inauguration ceremony of the Mujib Borsho was marked exceptionally without mass-gatherings amid the outbreak of lethal coronavirus.