Russia cuts off power supply in Finland

Russia cuts off power supply in Finland


Published: 15:35 14 May 2022   Updated: 20:44 14 May 2022



Rao Nordic, a Russian power and energy supplier, will cut off electricity supplies to Finland from Saturday due to problems with the payment of electricity prices. According to the company, Finland has not paid the price of electricity supplied in the past.

According to a BBC report, Russia announced retaliatory measures last Thursday when Finland announced its plans to join NATO. Although Rao Nordic’s decision is not related to Finland’s decision. The Russian state-owned enterprise says the situation is “exceptional” and “for the first time in more than 20 years”.

Neither Rao Nordic nor Finland’s grid operator Fingrid explained the cause of the payment problem. However, Fingrid says “only 10 percent of Finland’s electricity supply comes from Russia”. Therefore, there will be no power shortage in the country at the national level.

Reima Päivinen, Fingrid’s senior vice president of power system operations, said the electricity from Russia would be imported from Sweden as an alternative. Besides, Finland’s domestic power generation will be increased.

Finland is a cold country. The Finns keep the habitat warm through heaters during the winter. Due to this, the demand for electricity in the country increases in winter. Now the demand for electricity in Finland is declining as the weather warms up. 

Fingrid also said a new nuclear power plant would be opened this summer that would add more power to the grid than Russia’s cut-off power supply.

Russia cut off gas supplies to Bulgaria and Poland last month after refusing to pay the price of natural gas in rubles.