45-foot-long mass grave found in Ukraine’s Bucha: Maxar

45-foot-long mass grave found in Ukraine’s Bucha: Maxar

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Published: 16:28 4 April 2022  



Maxar Technologies, a US-based private aerospace company, has released satellite images of a mass grave in a 45-foot-long ditch in a church in the Ukrainian city of Bucha. Maxar claimed that the satellite image was released on Sunday local time.

Bucha is a town located 37 kilometers northwest of Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. Ukraine recently took control of the area after a month-long Russian occupation. Meanwhile, the local mayor said that bodies were lying on the streets of the city. Many are being given mass graves. 

Last Saturday, Reuters reporters visited the town of Bucha. The mass grave identified in a church area is still open, they said. It has been seen that “human hands and feet have come out through the red clay”.

Meanwhile, Maxer Technologies has released a new satellite image. The mass grave was found March 10 at Church of St. Andrews and Pervozvannoho All Saints, they said. “It was seen on March 31, there was a tomb about 45 feet long in the southwestern part of the church area.”

According to Reuters, satellite images released by Maxar could not be immediately verified. The church was visited by Reuters reporters on Saturday, however, it was not also confirmed whether the images of the mass grave and published satellite imagery by Maxar are the same. 

The French news agency AFP reported yesterday that their journalists had also visited the town of Bucha. They found at least 20 bodies lying on a street in Bucha. All the corpses were wearing civilian clothes. 

Bucha Mayor Anatoliy Fedoruk said the men had been shot in the back of the head. However, he could not confirm exactly how many civilians were killed in the clashes with Russian forces. 

Ukraine on Sunday accused Russian forces of carrying out massacres in the town of Bucha. Russia has denied the allegations. On the contrary, they have described it as “provocative”.