South Korea plane crash kills 3

South Korea plane crash kills 3


Published: 15:30 1 April 2022  

File photo

File photo

A mid-air plane crash in South Korea have killed three pilots of the two planes. Another person was injured in the incident.

The accident and casualties occurred during training on Friday, Bloomberg reported.

Emergency services officials in the East Asian country said two Air Force planes collided in mid-air during training on Friday. The two planes later crashed on a hill in the southeastern city of Sachion. Three were killed and one was injured.

The officials, who declined to be named due to rules, said they had not yet received any reports of civilian casualties or damage in the crash. Three helicopters, 20 vehicles and dozens of emergency workers have already been dispatched to the scene after the crash.

According to Bloomberg, the two planes that collided in mid-air were KT-1 training aircraft. This model aircraft has two seats each. The South Korean Air Force has confirmed the clash.

However, the Air Force said in a statement that it was trying to ascertain the cause of the crash and whether the pilots were trying to get out safely. However, the cause of the clash was not immediately known.

Earlier, in January this year, a South Korean Air Force F-5E fighter jet crashed into a mountain in the town of Hawaseong, south of the capital, Seoul. The pilot of the plane was killed in that incident.