Russia-Ukraine 2nd talks: Still no progress in ceasefire solution

Russia-Ukraine 2nd talks: Still no progress in ceasefire solution


Published: 12:20 4 March 2022   Updated: 16:15 4 March 2022



Despite two phases of talks to end the Ukraine-Russia war, no effective results have been reached. The second phase of talks on Thursday saw no significant progress in establishing peace, except an agreement to open a humanitarian corridor for civilians to seek safe shelter. However, both countries agreed to sit in the meeting in the third phase.

A high-level delegation of the two countries met for the second time on Thursday amid heavy casualties on both sides in the war. The meeting was held for three hours at an undisclosed location in the Gomel region of Belarus.

No ceasefire was announced at the meeting. However, both countries have agreed to jointly open humanitarian corridors for the safe evacuation of civilians from war-torn areas.

The two countries have agreed to meet again in the future to find a peaceful solution to the conflict.

A Ukrainian negotiator says the second round of talks with Russia is over. This did not “bode well” for Ukraine.

The head of the Russian delegation, Vladimir Medinsky, told the country’s media that the “three issues” were discussed in detail - military, international and humanitarian.

In a tweet, Mikhail Podoliak, a senior Ukrainian official, said the second phase of talks had ended. Unfortunately, no results have yet been “achieved” in the interests of Ukraine.

Mikhail Podoliak also said that there will be more discussions in the future. “We have called for a temporary ceasefire in certain areas,” he added.

The Kyiv delegation on Thursday included Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov, Presidential Adviser Mikhail Podoliak, the head of the ruling Servant of the People’s party David Arakhamia, and Deputy Foreign Minister Nikolai Tochitsky.

The Russian delegation was led by Vladimir Medinsky, a top aide to President Vladimir Putin.

Earlier, the first phase of talks ended on Monday without any agreement.