70 Ukrainian soldiers killed in Russian shelling

70 Ukrainian soldiers killed in Russian shelling

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Published: 12:03 1 March 2022  



At least 70 Ukrainian soldiers have been killed in a series of artillery shelling in Russia’s largest military operation. The Russian military launched a deadly attack on the northeastern city of Okhtyrka on Sunday, BBC reported today (Tuesday, March 3), citing local officials. 

Dmitry Zhivitsky, the administrative head of Ukraine’s Sami region, said a unit of the Ukrainian military had been “completely destroyed” in the attack by Russian forces on Sunday. Since the attack, volunteers and rescue workers have been working to recover the bodies from the rubble.

He told the social media platform Telegram that many people had died in the attack. So far, graveyards have been prepared for about 70 dead Ukrainian soldiers.

Dmitry Zhivitsky claimed that the Ukrainians have also retaliated in response to the attack of Russian forces. “They have got what they (Russia) deserve,” he claims, saying that “a large number of Russian soldiers’ bodies kept in the city”.

“We are now handing them over to the Red Cross,” he added. However, Dmitry Zhivitsky’s claim could not be “independently verified”, the BBC reported.

Ukraine, meanwhile, has claimed that Russia has resumed attacks on the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, and the southern city of Kherson. The country also claims that Russian troops launched an attack on the two cities within hours of the end of the Moscow-Kyiv talks on the border with neighboring Belarus.

“The situation in Kyiv was heated. Enemies continue to shell military and target civilians, despite their reduced ability to strike,” the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine said in a Facebook post.

Russia also plans to use Belarusian highly trained military units during the attack and to use Belarusian airspace for Russian military aviation, the Facebook post claims.

Along with Kyiv, the Russian military has also launched an attack on the southern Ukrainian city of Kherson, the Eastern European government said. 

Russian troops were advancing from the airport on the Nikolaev Highway and gathering near a cold storage facility, according to Ukraine’s State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection.

Earlier, BBC Ukraine reported that a loud explosion was heard near Kherson airport. The Kherson regional administration also said that Russian troops had surrounded the city, but “had not yet occupied it”. The mayor of Kherson also said that the Russian military had set up checkpoints at the entrances to the city.