US, UK among 28 countries agree to send arms to Ukraine

US, UK among 28 countries agree to send arms to Ukraine


Published: 14:05 26 February 2022   Updated: 17:14 26 February 2022



The Ukrainian security forces have been battling Russian troops since early Thursday morning, local time. The Russia-Ukraine war is considered to be the biggest conflict in Europe since World War II. Meanwhile, 28 countries, including the United States (US) and the United Kingdom (UK), have agreed to send arms to Ukraine in the war against Russia.

Meanwhile, there have been reports of intense attacks and explosions in various parts of the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv. At the same time, wars are raging around the country’s major cities in the south, east, and north.

Ukrainian officials say Russian troops are trying to seize the capital, Kyiv. They will then try to overthrow the country’s leadership.

According to the BBC, a large explosion was heard near Maiden Square in Kyiv. There were also reports of multiple explosions in the Troieshchyna area of ​​the town. Witnesses say “the sound of the attack was so loud that they heard it a few miles from the city center”.

Considering this situation, the western countries have come to a big decision. A total of 28 countries, including the European Union (EU), the UK and the US, have agreed to provide arms and other assistance to Ukraine. Besides weapons, the 28 countries will provide medical equipment and other military assistance.

British Foreign Secretary Ben Wallace hosted a donor conference on Friday evening to discuss military assistance to Ukraine. Participating in this virtual conference, each state agreed to provide assistance.

In this case, Ukraine will be given two types of assistance - military and civilian. Under the military assistance, they will provide Ukraine with ammunition, anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons. Medical equipment will be under civilian assistance.

Source: Sky News