Wars-victories-defeats by Putin-led Russia

Wars-victories-defeats by Putin-led Russia

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Published: 15:23 24 February 2022  

Russian President Vladimir Putin Photo: Collected

Russian President Vladimir Putin Photo: Collected

Amidst the tensions in the Ukraine crisis are at an all-time high, some questions are still on everyone's minds! The most common question is, what does Russian President Vladimir Putin really want to do? Many people want to know the history of the past wars participated by Russia again.

In 1991, the map of Europe and Asia changed radically. The Soviet Union collapsed within parts. After the birth of Russia, the Russian Federation, under the leadership of Boris Yeltsin, was in a tragic state of 'withered', 'anemic' country. But this time, Vladimir Putin, the 'Iron Man', has taken over the country.

Let's take a look at the record of Putin's military operation in Moscow.

The Chechen war

The Soviet Union collapsed in 1991. From the debris of that incident was born the 'Russian Federation'. Realizing the opportunity, the Chechens declared independence. The 'Chechen Republic of Ichkeria' tried to establish itself as an independent country. But in 1994, Moscow sent troops to suppress the Chechen rebels to retake the region. But after a fierce battle, the Russian army returned defeated in 1996. That war is known as the first 'Chechen War'.

Then, in 1999, Russia again sent troops to Chechnia, led by the then-Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. After a fierce battle, Russian forces bombed the Chechen capital, Grozny, in 2000, effectively destroying it. Moscow won the second Chechen war. At the same time, Putin was strongly established in Russian politics.

Russia-Georgia war

Russia declared war on Georgia over South Ossetia in August 2008. The disputed territory was occupied by pro-Russian separatists. The Russian army attacked with the help of rebels to retake the territory. Thousands of people died in the five-day war. Georgia was defeated and it is now a part of the Soviet Union. Moscow has declared the separatist provinces of South Ossetia and Abakazi 'independent.' Russia has been stationing troops there ever since. According to analysts, Putin also persuaded the Russian parliament to attack that time.

Russian military operation in Syria

In 2015, Russia sent troops to support Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Russian warplanes bombed Assad's army in the fight against Islamic State and rebels. It is said that Assad's forces were able to subdue Muslim militants and seize rebel strongholds in Moscow. There, too, Russia and Iran have made strenuous efforts to reduce US influence.

Forced occupation of Crimea

Anti-Moscow stances has been strong in Ukraine since the fall of the Soviet Union. Kiev moved closer to America and Western Europe. The pro-Russian government of the country tried its best to draw the verdict of the people. But in 2014, pro-European mass movements forced Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych to step down. Russia responded by occupying the Crimean peninsula. Ukraine is divided. However, the international arena has not yet recognized Moscow's aggression.

Ukraine-Russia border conflict

Russia declared Donetsk and Luhansk in Ukraine's Donbass region occupied by pro-Russian rebels as 'independent' states after a long conflict on Monday. As a result, Ukraine was divided again after Crimea. In such a tense situation, the UN Security Council has convened an emergency meeting. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has already spoken by phone with US President Joe Biden about the situation. All in all, it is clear that Russia will not allow the former Soviet member state to join NATO in any way.