Russian army to enter Ukraine

Russian army to enter Ukraine


Published: 15:40 22 February 2022   Updated: 20:06 22 February 2022

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

Russia have announced it's plans to send troops to eastern Ukraine to 'keep the peace' just after they have officially recognized the independence of the two Russian-occupied territories in eastern Ukraine.

The country has already effectively surrounded Ukraine with 200,000 troops. They has also deployed troops in Belarus.

'Ukraine wants peace and supports a political and diplomatic solution to the problem,' the BBC quoted Vladimir Zelensky as saying. However he mentioned it clearly that Ukrainians are not afraid.

Ukraine expects 'clear and effective' action from its international allies in Russia's aggression.

In a speech to the nation on Tuesday morning, he said the move by the Russian Federation violated Ukraine's integrity and sovereignty. Whatever Russia says, Ukraine will maintain its international borders.

The United States has responded to Russia's actions. Al Jazeera reports that the United States has said that Russian President Vladimir Putin's declaration 'violates Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity without provocation' and that it has supported Ukraine's call for a UN Security Council meeting.

The Security Council is already meeting to discuss the latest developments in Ukraine.

The Western world, including the United States and the United Kingdom, has already begun to work on imposing sanctions on Russia.

Earlier on Monday, the Kremlin recognized Donetsk and Lugansk, two regions of eastern Ukraine, as independent states, following an unscheduled meeting of Russia's Security Council.

The decision came after rebel leaders in the separatist Donetsk and Lugansk regions of eastern Ukraine appealed to Putin to recognize them as independent.

In a phone call, Putin informed the French and German presidents of the decision.

Earlier, in 2014, Russia annexed Crimea from Ukraine and annexed it to its mainland. The conflict in eastern Ukraine has been going on ever since. At least 14,000 people have been killed so far in clashes between the Ukrainian army and Moscow-backed rebels. Hundreds of thousands more have been forced to flee the country.