China’s ‘Piano Prince’ detained for hiring prostitute

China’s ‘Piano Prince’ detained for hiring prostitute


Published: 15:47 23 October 2021  

Li Yundi

Li Yundi

Celebrated pianist Li Yundi, best known as China's "Piano Prince", has been detained for soliciting a prostitute, state media reported.

A 39-year-old and a sex worker, 29, have confessed to the illegal activity, Beijing police said in an online post. They were caught after authorities received tip-offs from the public.

While the police did not publish his full name in the notice, state media outlets later confirmed it to be Li.

The news has shocked many fans of the man known as China's "Piano Prince".

At just 18, Li became the youngest pianist - and the first Chinese person - to win first prize at the prestigious International Chopin Piano Competition in 2000.

He has gone on to perform all around the world and is a household name in the Chinese speaking world.

After the news broke, the Chinese Musicians' Association said that it would revoke Li's membership as he represents "extremely negative social impact".

Some observers said that his detention could be seen as a warning to other "immoral" celebrities as China ramps up its recent crackdown on the entertainment industry

Under Chinese law, those who solicit or manage sex workers can be detained for up to 15 days and fined up to 5,000 yuan ($782). - BBC