How do differentiate between severe and normal hair loss? 

How do differentiate between severe and normal hair loss? 

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Published: 16:31 4 August 2022  

How do differentiate between severe and normal hair loss? 

How do differentiate between severe and normal hair loss? 

Did you know that it is absolutely normal to have hair fall? But you should keep a track of your hair fall…that means you should be aware of how much is severe and how much is nominal.

If you are losing 50 to 100 strands of hair per day, then that is absolutely normal for both males and females.

The pattern of hair fall for both males and females is quite similar to one another except for a few situations. In both cases, lifestyle, nutrition, metabolism, medications, diseases and more of such similar factors decide how much hair fall is going to occur in them. 

Of course! The situation of women is a little more sensitive here as they go through life changing events like pregnancy, menopause and several other hormonal changes. One more factor plays a major role in the amount of hair fall and that is age. Every age has its own cycle of hair fall. Let’s try to find out what severe hair fall is!! 

If you start noticing an excessive amount of hair on your pillow, too many hair rolls lying on the floor, clumps of hair coming out as you pass your hand through your hair, then it is time to see a doctor as well as treat it. 

Men usually suffer from a condition called alopecia, where the front hairline starts receding and the sides of the forehead become bald. Women suffer from it lesser than men. When one loses more than 100 strands of hair per day, that is very alarming. 

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2) Makes hair tangle free – Lafz hair oil makes hair more manageable, reduces frizz, and does not let climatic changes mess up your hair. 

3) Enriched with Vitamin E- Vitamin E is a rich source of antioxidants which protects hair from environmental damage 

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