Best time to shower

Best time to shower

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Published: 14:49 1 August 2022   Updated: 14:49 1 August 2022

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There is no difference between taking a bath in the morning, afternoon, or night. Bathing at any time has fundamental benefits. However, it is not bad if you know who should take a bath at what time.

Those with oily skin

If your skin is oily, then it is better to take a shower after waking up. Dermatologists suggest so. They say that excess oil accumulates on the top layer of our skin while we sleep. Getting up in the morning and taking a bath have many benefits. Not showering can lead to acne and open pores.

Those who creative

If you are involved in creative work, take a shower in the morning to refresh your mind. Those who are in the habit of working out in the morning can benefit from taking a bath immediately after exercise. The sweat after working out will sit on the body. Bacteria can be born from this sweat. Also, if you do not wake up easily in the morning, then it is better to take a bath. Because taking a good bath is more useful than a cup of coffee to induce sleep. Bathing in the morning increases the metabolism rate and makes you feel fresh.  

People with sleep problems

If you have sleep problems, take a bath before going to bed at night. Surveys have shown that sleep is better if you go to sleep after a good bath.