Coke Studio Bangla to organize a concert at Army Stadium

Coke Studio Bangla to organize a concert at Army Stadium


Published: 16:43 3 June 2022   Updated: 16:44 3 June 2022

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Coke Studio Bangla started in Bangladesh for the first time. The online platform has already been applauded by viewers by releasing popular Bangla songs in the new music program. It gives a new taste to Bangla songs. So far, five songs have been released in Coke Studio Bangla; These are — ‘Nasek Nasek’, ‘Prarthona’, ‘Bulbuli’, ‘Bhober Pagol’ and ‘Chiltey Roud’. Talented artists like Animes Roy and Ripon Kumar Sarkar have already been seen on this platform.

Meanwhile, every song released by Coke Studio Bangla was recorded inside the studio. This time the artists will sing those songs directly in front of the audience. It is learned that a concert will be held on June 9 at the Army Stadium in Dhaka on the occasion of the trophy tour of the Football World Cup in Bangladesh. 

The concert will be held under the slogan “Concert will be Magical” from 4 pm to 9 pm. The event features performances by Coke Studio artists as well as all the popular artists in the country.

The biggest attraction of the event is the performance of Nagar Baul James. After the COVID outbreak, James is going to sing in a big concert again. Besides, Warfaze, Nemesis, Lalon Band, Introit, Jalali Set, Shayan Chowdhury Arnob and Ripon, Animes Roy and Pantho Kanai, Mizan, Momtaz, Rituraj and Nandita will also perform on the same stage. 

Speaking about taking part in this event, Pantho Kanai said Coke Studio Concert means a big event. The songs recorded inside the studio from the beginning have been well received by the listeners. This time the artists will take the songs of Coke Studio Bangla directly to the audience. Hopefully, the audience will get a wonderful presentation.
“I did the song ‘Prarthona’ with Momtaz in Coke Studio Bangla. I will sing that song at the concert at Army Stadium. I hope the song will fill the minds of the listeners,” Mizan said.

Animes Roy is thrilled to have the opportunity to sing in the first big concert. “Coke Studio has introduced me to the audience in a new way. Listeners are the lifeblood of my song. The first song of Coke Studio Bangla is now in the mouths of the listeners. I hope the song will win the hearts of the listeners in the concert too,” he said. 

If you want to enjoy this concert at Coke Studio Bangla, you have to register first. To register, you need to open the FIFA Special Coca-Cola label and scan the QR code. Below the cap of any three bottles of Coca-Cola 400, 500 or 600 ml are given three unique codes. Then the registration process will be completed. You will get a special pass. Apart from enjoying the concert at Coke Studio Bangla, the organizers also said that pictures can be taken with the original FIFA trophy.