Tanjin Tisha in love with buyer!

Tanjin Tisha in love with buyer!

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Published: 15:45 27 November 2019  

Apurba-Tisha is a scene of ‘Bhalobasha Tui’

Apurba-Tisha is a scene of ‘Bhalobasha Tui’

Tanjin Tisha, a popular TV actress, is currently working as a seller in a brand sari shop in Dhaka. And the popular actor Apurba fell in love with her when buying sari from that shop. 

Basically, both of these characters were seen in such a play ‘Bhalobasha Tui’ directed by SR Mazumder which ended last week. The director himself wrote the screenplay in the story of Bratya Ray.

Regarding the play, the director said that the drama is a love story but the main theme is ‘a girl’s single fight’. The girl is Tanjin Tisha who came to the capital city from the village and became a seller besides study. After not surviving here, she again goes back to the village.   

Later, after winning the battle of life, she returned to the city with a victory where her lover Apurba is waiting for her, the director added.

Regarding the play, Tanjin Tisha said, “The story is based on rebellion with love. Where there is a message. The message is that you have to fight your own war. I am very excited to work in this play.”

It is learned that the play will be released on CMV’s YouTube channel ‘CMV Drama’ in the month of Victory. The drama will also be aired on a private television channel.

Apart from Tisha-Apurba, Ananda Khaled, Tanushree Tanni, Sabbir Chowdhury are also acted in various roles in the play.