Glamorous ‘News Presenter’ Nisho as model in Asif’s song!

Glamorous ‘News Presenter’ Nisho as model in Asif’s song!

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Published: 17:52 20 September 2018   Updated: 17:52 20 September 2018

Farhana Nisho

Farhana Nisho

Farhana Nisho was one of the country’s most popular news-presenter and reporter. She also has been appreciated for modeling and acting.

Meanwhile, this glamorous news-presenter will be seen in a song by Asif Akbar. Nisho has been modeled in the video song ‘Tomake Jeno Vule Jai’ of Asif Akbar. The video song’s music composed by Tarun Munshi.

The shooting of the music video has been done in different locations in the capital. And in this video, Asif Akbar will also be seen as a model.  

In this context, Nisho said, “I did not know that I will be modeled in this video. Brother Asif give me the song. And I love it very well.”

“Later, he proposed me to become her model in his music video. Actually, it’s a pleasure to work with Asif Bhai. I did the work from that joy,” she said.

Regarding the story of the video song, Nisho said, “Asif Akbar and my real life story were highlighted in the music video.”

Nisho said about the story of the video, "Asif Akbar and my real life story were highlighted in this. A successful presenter and Asif Akbar have been shown as successful singers in the music video.”

In the context of the song, Asif Akbar said, “It is a romantic genre song. Farhana Nisho as a model opposite me. And many years later she worked on a music video. It’s a great matter for the fans. Hopefully will like the chemistry of us on screen.”

The song was directed by Saikat Nasir. He said, “The video will be released on the YouTube channel of Dhruba Music Station on September 27.”