Children were playing with grenades of Pakistani period!

Children were playing with grenades of Pakistani period!


Published: 21:40 27 October 2019  

File Photo

File Photo

Six landmines and three grenades found in a pond at Rampura village of Adamdighi in Bogura have been destroyed.

The explosives were destroyed by an expert team of the Bogura army on Sunday morning at brick kiln site in Chatian village of Adamdighi. The whole area was shaken when it exploded in a loud noise.

Captain Arif Mohammad Kanok of Bogura-11 Infantry Division said, “The explosives were too old. But even after being on the ground for so long, it has not lost its efficacy. Grenades and landmines are believed to be of Pakistani origin. These were the possibility of exploding.  At any time, major accidents could happened. After the grenades and landmines were recovered, our team destroyed it. So there is no more fear of accidents”.

On Saturday afternoon, five to six children were playing bank on the pond at Rampura village in Adamdighi. In the evening, a child named  Yusuf, who was digging the ground with paddy scissors, saw the landmine and grenades. Nine landmines and grenades were ejected from there. Then the children were playing with it, thinking of toys. Later the villagers saw it and submerged all the grenades, landmines in a bucket of water.

Police recovered it at night when villagers informed the police station. These landmines and grenades have written the year 1965. It is thought that the soil of the pond moved away for the rain in the last two days.

Inser Ali of Rampura village said, “I see it first to children. After seeing these, I suspected it is real. Later everyone came and submerged it in water and then informed the police station”.

Adamdighi police OC Jalal Uddin said the bombs were recovered after receiving the news. Later the army team came and destroyed it.