Alexa Wife blasts about Samrat

Wife blasts about Samrat


Published: 19:38 6 October 2019   Updated: 22:09 6 October 2019

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Dhaka Metropolitan South Jubo League president Ismail Hossain Chowdhury Samrat's wife Sharmin Chowdhury blasted over his husband. She is the second wife of Samrat. They have tied the knot 19 years ago.

She said these while speaking to the reporters at her Mohakhali New DOHS residence on Sunday afternoon. While asked about the detention of Samrat, she said, "There is no relationship between us for two years." And I don't know whether he is a casino godfather. I know he is a Jubo League leader and a good leader. It is known to everyone in Dhaka North and South. And because of my two years of separation with him, I don't know about the casino.

When asked what she knew about the casino business two years ago, Samrat was just a Jubo League leader. I know nothing about casinos. 

When asked about Samrat's property, she said his wealth is nothing. And what he earns by running the casino and spends it for the Party. And what he deposited is gambling in Singapore and elsewhere.

How did you know that he runs Party by the casino? In reply, she said it is understandable. Is there any popular leader like him - his wife Sharmin questioned.

Asked if she had ever been banned him not to do this, she said I was less compatible with him. He loved being with the Party boys.

When asked why about their distance, Sharmin Chowdhury said that distance was not created due to political reasons. This distance is for personal reasons.

In response to another question about what he knows about Samrat's political rise, she said that he was the Samrat from the beginning not only in name but also in work. His movement is better than before.

I do not know how Samrat came to the casino. He may be coming to the casino slowly. But he had a tendency towards gambling.

He thanked the Prime Minister for the campaign against the casino. He added that if the Prime Minister had taken this initiative earlier, it would have been better.

Responding to the question, the emperor used to go to Singapore sometimes, he said, he used to go gambling in Singapore. 

Sharmin said gambling was his addiction. He had no addiction to wealth. He had no intoxication towards the house-car.

Regarding the photo of the Samrat with different women, Sharmin said that he (Samrat) did not mix with different women. 

'Last two years he did not take me with him. There is a Chinese or Malaysian girl with him. He spent time with the woman there.

With whom did the Samrat use to meet when he had a good relationship with you? In response, She said the casino had been started for three to four years. It wasn't before. However, he used to meet many people due to the Contracting business. And surely he has a big brother on the team.

He did not know who was the leader of the Samrat at the party. But he used to keep good relations with everyone.

Khaled, GK do you know Shamim? Replying to such a question, Sharmin said, GK does not know Shamim. However, she said he had seen Khaled several times in the Samrat's office.

When asked how the property has changed since she got married 19 years ago, she said, there is still so much to do. He added that he had no addiction to renting property. His only addiction is gambling.

Around 5:00am today, a team of Rab-7 arrested Samrat and Amran from a house in Cumilla’s Chouddagram upazila, said Senior Assistant Superintendent Mizanur Rahman of Rab.

Earlier, Khaled Mahmud Bhuiyan, the organizing secretary of the Dhaka Metropolitan South, was identified by the RAB as the right hand of Samrat for allegedly operating illegal casinos in the hiding of club business in the capital. The then tender king of the capital GK Shamim was arrested. Both of them used to distribute illegal income to Samrat. After they were arrested, they gave information about Samrat's illegal casino during interrogation.