Why do men prefer a single life?

Why do men prefer a single life?

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Published: 19:47 9 July 2021  



It is very difficult to live without a partner. Anyone thinks many times before moving on to a new relationship, then got involved in a relationship. But many men in the world prefer to live a single life. Although there are special reasons behind this.

First, he is afraid to trust the person he is dating and second, he fears for himself whether he will be able to keep his promise.

However, research shows that men are more afraid than women of getting themselves involved in a relationship. So, they prefer to be alone in life. 

A study on the strange subject was done outside the country. More than 20,000 men who live single have expressed their views on the issue through social media.

There they all explained the reason for remaining single. Analyzing them, the following issues were found-

>> Many men can’t talk to women properly or start stories. The reason for this is that they are very introverted and calm, shy in nature. So, they can’t keep up with the women who talk too much. Those men feel a sense of “shame and inertia” when talking to women.

>> In the case of many men, it has been seen that once a love relationship is broken, they are afraid to trust another woman for the second time after learning from it. This is very normal and important to them because many of them want such a woman who will be with them in the future. So, they decided to stay single.

>> Many men do not want to think too much about moving the relationship forward. They give priority to their career. They think if they don’t have a good job and earn good money, maybe no woman will notice them.

>> More than 60 men who took part in the survey claim that no woman looks at them because they are not good-looking. That's why they remain single.