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Why Acne worsen

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Published: 16:04 8 September 2019  

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Acne is a very common problem. This problem is more common in times of adolescents. What to do if acne problems get worse? Many people worry about this. Acne problems make everyone mentally down. Basically, acne problems increase for irregularities in eating, sleeping and for more anxiety.

Do you know acne increases during menstruation? Therefore, special attention must be given to cleanliness including food and sleep. Why acne increase in the meantime?

During menstruation, there are various problems of hormones in the body. The hormone level fluctuates in those days. During the period, estrogen levels in the body and they remain high for some time after the period. Then when estrogen levels gradually begin to decrease, progesterone levels rise. And because of this progesterone, the oil production in the mouth glands increases. In the oil gland, a type of oil called sebum is released. This closes the pores of the mouth. It causes acne.

Don't put a hand on your face

Subconsciously, we put hands on face. If you put your hand to the cheeks, the bacteria from your hand will move to your cheeks. And these bacteria cause acne on your cheeks. So be careful not to put your hand to the cheeks. Also keep the mobile phone clean. Bacteria can spread from mobile phones also.

Use retinal cream

Retinol or vitamin A helps to keep your skin clean and bright. Retinol cleanses the pores of your face. As a result, the possibility of growing acne is less. Use retinal cream for eight weeks and you can enjoy the benefits.