Alexa Which way is Jatiya Party?

Which way is Jatiya Party?


Published: 19:34 3 August 2019   Updated: 22:57 3 August 2019

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During the lifetime of Hussein Muhammad Ershad, the founding chairman of Jatiya Party (JaPa), there were two opposing sections. In his lifetime, Ershad hand over the acting chairmanship to his younger brother, GM Quader. But its increased dispute among the party men. After Ershad's death on July 14, now the Jatiya Party will go in which way that is discussed among political leaders and common people.

Although several central party leaders said that the party will run as its own way. The party will go ahead in the way shown by Ershad. Again, some of the party men have a dissenting opinion.

Party's current chairman, GM Quader, claims there is no dispute in the party. Senior co-chairman Rowshan Ershad complained of irrelevance. On July 22, the members of the Presidium opened their mouth with a statement saying that the name of the Presidium, including the Rowshan, opposed to the post of chairman of the party.

A close source of Rowshan Ershad said on condition of anonymity that She did not want to split or break the party. She wants to strengthen the party in the absence of Ershad. It is a problem not to consult with Rowshan Ershad in making any decision by Chairman GM Quader.

Sources claim that there is an irrelevance in the party. And senior leaders are also supporting the senior co-chairman in this regard. They also want the new chairman to lead the party with everyone.

According to sources, acting chairman GM Quader was not complete. In this connection, on July 22, a statement by the party's Presidium member and MPs, including Rowshan Ershad was released on social media. Rowshan Ershad was not in favor of making that statement. A very enthusiastic Presidium member of the party signed this statement with a lot of misunderstandings and petitions. Of the nine people named in the statement, six said they had not signed any such statement. However, they said that the team should be run by Rowshan Ershad and GM Quader. In this case, GM Quader Party Chairman and Rowshan Ershad will play the role of opposition in Parliament.

Fakhrul Imam, a member of the Presidium of the party known as Raushan Ershad intimate said, "We are not against GM Quader. We all want to take the team forward, along with everyone including Rowshan Ershad and GM Kader. Madam (Rowshan) is nothing to be desired at this age. She wants respect. GM Quader will lead the team in consultation with her, which is the expectation of everyone including Madam.

Haji Saifuddin Ahmed Milon, a Presidium member of the party, said that Ershad was the most respected person in the party. But he does not have the age he needs to lead the country. GM Quader is a highly educated, corruption-free and humble man and always has a bright image. The party is united under the leadership of him and Rowshan.

Another Presidium member of the party, ATU Taj Rahman, said that if the party was led by GM Quader and Rowshan Ershad, the Jatiya Party would be established as a strong party in the coming days. The grassroots leaders of the country also want the party to be run by Rowshan Ershad and GM Quader. Only then can we realize the unfulfilled dreams of Husain Muhammad Ershad.

Presidium member Kazi Mamunur Rashid said, "We think the party leaders and his family members are respectful of the decision made by Pallibandhu Ershad before his death. If this decision comes into force, Ershad's soul will also find peace. Besides, we have to give due respect to our Pallimata Rowshan Ershad. The team will be more dynamic under the leadership of both Rowshan Ershad and GM Quader. As GM Quader is already working in the field, I hope the grassroots activists will be more awake soon.

Joint Secretary-General of JaPa Hasibul Islam Joy said, Chairman GM Quader has to keep in mind that he has a clear position at all times outside the party. He is the leader of everyone in the family. He must hold his own acceptance to everyone. The party has to move forward, keeping the respectable Rowshan Ershad in the chair of honor.

On the whole, party chairman GM Quader said, "I have said before that I have no dispute with my sister-in-law (Rowshan Ershad). She raised me as a child from an early age. She will be like a shadow of a weed on my head. The party will be governed by the way she directs me.