We will have love, friendship as long as we live: Faria’s comments on divorce

We will have love, friendship as long as we live: Faria’s comments on divorce

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Published: 20:17 28 November 2020  

Sabnam Faria and Harun Ur Rashid Apu

Sabnam Faria and Harun Ur Rashid Apu

Sabnam Faria and her husband Harun Ur Rashid Apu have been splitting. The couple ended their marriage after two years of togetherness. The two voluntarily signed a divorce letter on November 27.

Later, Shabnam Faria gave a post on Facebook about the divorce between the two on Saturday evening. There she commented that the two will have love and friendship as long as they live.

For the convenience of the readers, Shabnam Faria’s post is highlighted exactly —

Human life is like a river. Sometimes there is a high-tide, sometimes a low-tide. Sometimes the water rises due to rain, the water dries up in the winter. It happens in our life too!

Some people come into our lives; Some became permanent, some could not stay for reasons!

My mother always says, “Not a single leaf of a tree moves without God’s command, we can just try!”

That’s how Apu and I have tried to stay together for a long time!

But at one stage, the matter becomes very difficult!

We were torturing ourselves a little too much thinking “what people will say!”

“Life is too short, what’s the point of living with so much suffering?” With that in mind, we decided earlier this year that we no longer wanted to be in trouble relationship together!

It took me a year to understand each other! In the end, we ended our two-and-a-half-year marriage, thinking “What God does is for good” and returned to a five-year-old friendship.

Marriage can be split, but love is not! There is no separation of friendship!

As long as we live, we will have love and friendship!

We ended our relationship only from a marital bond! This event may stop the pace of our life, the rhythm will fall, but life will not stop!

I have many blessings, love and best wishes for Apu. May we find the happiness for which we are separated. I urge all to pray for us.

Please don’t underestimate our colleagues for saying “media marriage doesn’t last!” We have come out of the institution like marriage for complete “family reasons”, in a family way, with family consent!

We have never lacked love or faith, nor will we!

And one request for my dear journalist brothers/sisters, please look at the matter with a little humanity! Please!

Divorce of two people means separation of two families, separation of many memories! Breaking up with a lot of good times is not a pleasant feeling for anyone! Please don’t embarrass us anymore by publishing weird news!

We want to maintain complete respect for each other!