Alexa Way to get back your black hair

Way to get back your black hair

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Published: 16:59 10 August 2019  

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The fact is not like that hair becomes gray because of being older. It may happen early age for someone. If it happens once it is tough to get rid of. Most problematic thing is, it enhanced the age.

Man and Woman both face this problem. To prevent this, which ingredients are available to dye the hair in the market, chemicals of the colors can cause further damage to the hair.

But do you know? You have the solution to this at the kitchen of your home. You will be able to get rid of this problem very easily by using the homemade procedure. So, let's know the way -
A mixture of fenugreek and coconut oil

Boil a handful of fenugreek in hot coconut oil or almond oil for 15 munites. Then filter it. When the oil will turn into normal temperature than massage it in your hair roots. To get better result go to sleep after massaging. On the next morning wash your head with shampoo.

But, who have oily skin or face problem after using oil, they should wash after 2hrs from massaging.

Besides this way, you need to be healthy and free form other internal problems to keep your hair black.