Alexa Visiting Largest Fish Aquarium of Bangladesh

Visiting Largest Fish Aquarium of Bangladesh

Labeeb Ehsan, Class-VIII,

Published: 00:54 20 August 2019   Updated: 10:02 20 August 2019

The Radiant Fish World

The Radiant Fish World

Recently I have visited the largest Fish Aquarium in Bangladesh. This Aquarium is known as The Radiant Fish World, it is in Cox’s Bazar.  At present, there are total of 120 Fish Aquarium in the world (as per World Association of Zoos and Aquariums, This one is the first of its kind in Bangladesh.

Bankok Fish Aquarium (2016)

On 16 August, we went for a family tour in Cox’s Bazar. We visited number of interesting tourist spots. In the largest sea beach of the world, we have passed considerable time at Laboni Point and Kolatoli Point. We had a long drive on the marine drive road towards Teknaf. On the way, we have visited Himchori and Inani beach.

During this tour, our point of interest was in the Radiant Fish World. This Fish Aquarium is very helpful to understand sea life. We could see many types of sea fishes, plants, live corals, etc. We have come to know that there are around 450 types of fishes are available in the Bay of Bengal. The Radiant Fish World Could collect and display around 195 different types of sea fishes.  They have their own research center as well, radiant ocean research and educational center.

While visiting Thailand in 2016, I have visited large fish aquariums in Bangkok. But this time I really feel proud that in our country we have also an international standard Fish Aquarium.