Ukraine get some `relief` finally

Ukraine get some `relief` finally


Published: 15:42 27 February 2022   Updated: 15:45 27 February 2022

Ukraine get some `relief` finally

Ukraine get some `relief` finally

Ukraine is trying hard to change the scene on the battlefield as the Russian invasion is going on in Kyiv. The country has even devised one new ploy after another to protect itself against Russian invasions. Meanwhile, Ukrainian Prime Minister Volodymyr Zelensky has regained some relief as Germany sends 1000 anti-tank weapons and 500 Stinger on Sunday morning, Al Jazeera quoted local Ukrainian media as saying.

However, war experts have questioned the need for such assistance.

While European-American troops are not fighting shoulder to shoulder with Ukrainian troops on the battlefield, Western nations are no longer reluctant to send arms. They also said that more weapons would be sent in the coming days if Ukraine wanted. But is there any other need for the West to be so generous with arms? International experts raised questions in this regard.

The question of international observers about European-American weapons is, who will use the weapons that will come? What is the significance of sending weapons now! Isn't the damage already done?

In a televised message on Thursday morning, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a military operation against Ukraine. 72 hours have passed since then. Ukraine, meanwhile, is a small, seemingly peaceful country devastated by Russia's relentless onslaught. Many people have fled the country due to the invasion of Putin's forces. Two hundred civilians and army personnel have also died in the last three days.

Russian troops have reached the Ukraine capital, Kyiv. Many of those fighting in the capital are ordinary citizens. According to international experts, is there really any benefit in getting weapons from the West now? The United States has not sided with Ukraine, which is cornered in the face of Russian aggression when it needed the support of Western nations the most. What is the benefit of sending help now?

Meanwhile, President Volodymyr Zelensky is still in the capital, Kyiv, at the risk of his own and his family's lives, even during the war. War experts said that it is a matter of time, Zelensky is going to be arrested by Russian forces. Ukrainian troops are still fighting with little power. But they fear that if Zelensky is taken prisoner, they too will lose their morale. So international observers feared help was too late.

Russian troops have entered Ukraine’s second city Kharkiv and fighting was underway on Sunday, the head of the regional administration said on the fourth day of Moscow's invasion of the pro-Western country.