Alexa US shows evidence of Iran’s involvement in Saudi oil attacks

US shows evidence of Iran’s involvement in Saudi oil attacks


Published: 20:42 16 September 2019  



The United States has claimed Iran was behind the drone attacks on Saudi Arabia’s state-owned oil producer Aramco’s oil processing factory. 

On Saturday, two large Aramco oil processing factories were attacked. Although Iran-aligned Houthi rebels in Yemen has claimed responsibility for attacks, the United States has claimed Iran is behind the attacks. However, Iran has denied the allegations.

Saudi Arabia reduced its oil production by half after the attack. Which has an adverse effect on the global market.

The US Secretary of State blamed Iran for the attack, saying, “Tehran is involved in about 100 attacks in Saudi Arabia. Amidst all calls for tensions, Iran has now launched a deadly attack on the world’s energy supply.”  

In a tweet on Sunday, President Donald Trump refrained from directly accusing Iran, but at the time, he suggested military action against a known enemy country.

US officials, who declined to be named, say Houthi has raised doubts about the involvement of the rebels because of the extent and scope of the attack. 

A US official said the attack and targets from the west and northwest were identified at 19 points. Which is not the Houthi-controlled area of ​​Yemen, the southwest side of Saudi oil deployment.

Officials say the attack may have been launched from a base in the northern Gulf, Iran or Iraq. Although Iraq has denied the invasion of Saudi Arabia from their territory.

A close-up photo of the damaged tank of the Saudi oil installation Abqaiq shows the damaged points on the west side of it.

Quoting from officials, the US media the New York Times reported that the cruise missiles and drones were likely deployed together. Not all oilfields were targeted at Abqaiq and Khurais.

Australian National Broadcasting ABC quoted a senior US official as saying that US President Donald Trump fully agreed that Iran was responsible for the attack.

Iran has not yet commented on the latest US statement. Earlier, Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif said in a tweet that “the US Secretary of State is now on the verge of maximum deception because of the failure of the high-pressure tactics.”