ULAB student death: Friend ‘DJ Neha’s obscenity with ‘Client-1,2’

ULAB student death: Friend ‘DJ Neha’s obscenity with ‘Client-1,2’

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Published: 12:53 8 February 2021   Updated: 12:57 8 February 2021

DJ Neha

DJ Neha

After the arrest and remand of DJ Neha in the case of the death of ULAB student, all the gruesome information is revealing one after another. Neha, a friend of the deceased ULAB student, was arrested from a house in the capital’s Azimpur on Thursday night, five days after the incident.

Mohammadpur police are currently interrogating Neha on a 5-day remand. During the interrogation, she is giving sensational information about her dark world.

On the 3rd day of remand on Sunday, the police got the numbers of dozens of industrialists and businessmen from different parts of the country including Dhaka, Chattogram in DJ Neha’s contact list. She used to supply wine and women to many of these rich people. Even Neha herself accompanied them. In return, she took large sums of money from them.

According to the investigators, the numbers of the businessmen and wealthy youths targeted on DJ Neha’s phone have been saved as ‘Client-1’, ‘Client-2’, ‘Client-3’, also save other names with the first letter.

During interrogation, Neha said she met a car dealer in Chattogram in March last year. After that, Neha has manipulated several lakh of takas in 6 months by making a relationship with that businessman. She, in the meantime, also got acquainted with a Facebook friend of that car dealer. From September to January, Neha embezzled more than Tk 15 lakh from that car dealer in Dhaka. Even that businessman bought iPhone 12 Pro Max worth Tk 1.37 lakh for Neha.

In this way, Neha entangled many more businessmen with drugs and women. Neha’s cousin Shafayat Jamil Bishal used to help her in these activities. 

On January 28, Neha and her close friend Arafat hosted an alcohol party with ULAB students at the Bamboo Shoot restaurant in the capital’s Uttara. Arafat also fell ill and died after consuming alcohol. On the same day, Neha’s cousin Bishal bought alcohol from the airport area and took it to the restaurant.

Earlier, in a statement given to the court on February 5, Neha said, “On January 28, I went to the Bamboo Shoot restaurant in Uttara at the invitation of Arafat. I went there and saw a few more, however, I didn’t recognize anyone except Arafat. I drank alcohol there. After consuming 3 pegs, blood came out of my mouth and I also vomited. I then went home from there. Even after going home, I vomited a few times. In such a situation, I took treatment in the hospital.”

Neha further told the police that Bishal used to save the list of customers. He also acted as an intermediary in illegal bargaining. 

After the death of ULAB student Madhuri, Bishal himself went to court and surrendered as an unknown accused in the case lodged by her father. Besides, the student’s inamorato Arif and their shelter-given Tafsir are also in jail.

Harun Aur Rashid, DC of Tejgaon division of the police, said, “We got a lot of information during the interrogation of Neha. These are being scrutinized.”