Alexa Turkish teacher collects over 3, coffee cups!

Turkish teacher collects over 3,000 coffee cups!


Published: 18:40 14 August 2019  

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Almost every culture has its own traditional beverage — whether it is tea, mulled wine or spiced apple cider.

For the Turkish, the most favorite hot beverage is dark, muddy coffee known as Türk kahvesi. The drink has captivated the hearts and taste buds of generations, infusing flavor and meaning into the social experience in equal parts. Turkish coffee was included in UNESCO's 2013 Intangible Cultural Heritage List for its significance in Turkish history.

Mesude Isikli, an Art teacher from Osmaniye province, was fascinated by the ways in which the beverage represented the best of her culture. She was so touched by this part of Turkish life that she decided to start collecting the vessels which make enjoying it possible: coffee cups.

When her friend gifted her an antique Turkish coffee cup as a present (the vessels are typically made of porcelain and adorned with stunning Turkish designs), she made it her mission to collect the largest number of coffee cup styles in the world.

Isikli said, “Conversations start with coffee in our special days. Me and my family, we really like coffee. My passion for coffee has created curiosity for the coffee mugs.”

Over 12 years, Isikli has amassed over 3,000 coffee cups, most of them Turkish antiques. The collection is comprised of over 1,000 different types of unique cups, all of varying shapes and sizes.

“Most of them are antiques, including 120 years and 80 years. Those all have a memorable story because these are used and lived cups,” Isikli explained.

Though she cherishes how much the collection has grown thanks to the support of friends and family, her very first mug continues to hold the most special place on her shelf.

“We have a saying: One cup of coffee is worth 40 years of friendship,” — Isikli told. -CNN.