Trump’s campaign website defaced by hackers 

Trump’s campaign website defaced by hackers 


Published: 17:19 28 October 2020  



The campaign website of United States President Donald Trump was hacked on Tuesday — just a week earlier before the upcoming US presidential election on November 3. However, the US officials said the hack was a very short period of time.

A message has been posted after hacking the website called “This site has been seized,” said the message on the website. 

It was also written that President Donald Trump has spread a lot of fake news in the world.

In a statement on Tuesday, Trump’s campaign spokesman Tim Murtaugh told the media that President Trump’s campaign website had been hacked and distorted this evening. “The website was recovered very quickly. They could not get any important information from there ‍as no sensitive information has been stored on the site,” he said.

“We’re working with people from law enforcement to find out who hacked the website,” he said, adding that they are looking into the matter.

The website requests information and funding for Trump's election campaign.

The website was “seized” in the style of the FBI, the US Department of Homeland Security. The hackers claimed to have “leaked secret information” in a message. 

They also said that if anyone wants to reveal and keep confidential information, they have to deliver the cryptocurrency to their specified address.