Train tickets like a ‘Golden Deer’!

Bhairab Railway Station

Train tickets like a ‘Golden Deer’!

Md Al Amin Titu,

Published: 11:44 10 January 2020   Updated: 13:55 10 January 2020

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Train tickets in Bhairab Railway Station, an important stoppage for railway in eastern parts, are like a ‘Golden Deer’! The passengers at the station are 7 times higher than the seats, however, the ticket allocation is only 10 percent - that means, 75 passengers get in line for only one ticket!   

In Bhairab Railway Station, there are a total of 400 passengers for Kishoreganj to Dhaka-bound ‘Intercity Pravati Express’ - but the ticket-allotments are only 43 where half of it goes online.   

These tickets were purchased again by the passengers of another station. In this situation, no tickets get even though standing in line for 10 days. As a result, Thousands of passengers boarded the train with unlimited sufferings by purchasing the ‘Standing Ticket’.  

It is learned that hundred of passengers get to know ‘there are no seats available’ from the counter after standing in line for hours. “Sufferings increased when no seats found available. Seats and tickets have to be increased in this station,” said Mizan, a victim passenger of the station.  

“First class tickets are not available for years, So, I don’t ride the train now if I need to go somewhere in case of an emergency,” said Musharraf Hossain, senior vice-president of the Bhairab Chamber of Commerce.  

The BCC official added that the quality of passenger service at A-grade station cannot be such a state. “There are not enough benches for passengers, overbridge and toilet condition is worsened. Even theft-snatching is happening on the platform for the negligence of railway police and security forces.”

Talking to the station authorities and passengers, it is reported that 24 trains travel to different places of the country daily through Bhairab. More than 3,000 passengers from nearby Brahmanbaria and Narsingdi travel through this station.

Crowd at the ticket counter at Bhairab station

About Tk 3-4 lakh revenue earned through ticket sales every day that exceeds Tk crore per month. Bhairab is ranked third in the revenue collection and fourth in the country. Still, the service quality of the station is worst. 

Travelers demand that train seats must be increased, all train commutes and steps should be taken to modernize the station as soon as possible. 

According to the findings, only 5 seats have been allocated for 500 passengers of Kalni Express, 80 for 200 passengers of Chattala Express, 43 for 300 passengers of Egaro Sindhur Godhuli, 40 for 200 passengers of Kishoregani Express, etc. That means the passenger is 7.5 times higher than the seats on each train.  

AKM Kamruzzaman, Bhairab’s station master, told Daily Bangladesh, “No station like our A-grade station has as many passengers. Therefore, we have sent the proposal to the higher authorities considering the needs of the passengers,” he added.