Train passengers dissatisfied with security

Train passengers dissatisfied with security

Shamsul Haque Bhuiyan,

Published: 17:33 7 February 2020   Updated: 20:03 22 June 2020

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

The passengers traveling on different routes from Gazipur and metropolis — Dhaka to Chattogram, Dhaka to Mymensingh, Dhaka to Rajshahi — are not satisfied with the various railway service activities and not able to travel safely due to reckless activities of criminals.

The members of the various gangs such as gamcha party, ogyan party, malam party, pickpocketers, and drug smugglers are reckless on this route. Even incidents like the deaths of passengers are also happening in the hands of miscreants which is increasing day by day. 

Last year, about 10 people, including an expatriate, were killed in the hands of snatching gangs in different parts of Gazipur. Three bodies were recovered from the Dhirasram Railway Station area of ​​the city in a single day. However, the local railway authorities could not give any accurate account of this. 

On Friday morning, some passengers waiting at Joydebpur Junction said that “there were no changes in the railway system. Even the train schedule was not fixed”.  

A woman passenger traveling from Dinajpur said her bag was stolen during the previous trip. She has to travel by train with various anxieties, inquietude. “I cannot feel safe due to continuously thinking ‘when the bag will be snatched away, the mobile will be taken, when they make me unconscious’.”

“If the authorities reduce such panic by giving us proper security and fix the train schedule, then we all be benefited,” she added.

The train never comes on time. The tokais throw stones, snatch bags, said a Mymensingh-bound passenger adding, “It is not possible to tolerate these atrocities.” 

A woman passenger of Gazipur said that women traveling to Dhaka on the train are facing various problems. “It is seen that girls are becoming victims of eve-teasing. Someone is pulling scarf, pulling bags, snatching mobiles. There are many problems like these are happening.”

In that case, we are demanding from the railway authorities to arrange separate bogies for girls, women passengers and increase the number of railway police, she added.

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

I have not seen any change in the security, said another passenger. “Although there are railway police at Tongi and Joydebpur railway junction stations, their role was not visible. The incidents of murder, robbery, eve-teasing on the train are happening on the train daily.” 

They demand that the security of the railways should be strengthened in the Gazipur area and the quality of service should be increased. 

Meanwhile, Md Shahjahan, senior station master of the Joydebpur Railway Junction, said all services and security have been enhanced. “We are working hard to prevent incidents like throwing stones, snatching, harassing and increasing other services such as booking tickets with discipline, safety journey and reducing the sufferings of the passengers.” 

“Although when we remove shops and bazaars from the vicinity of the station, they set up those again due to political reasons. In this, the snatching, eve-teasing, and various gangs’ activities are increasing,” he added.