Alexa Torrential rain marooned 3 , people in Bandarban

Torrential rain marooned 30,000 people in Bandarban

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Published: 13:32 12 July 2019  



30,000 people have marooned due to heavy rainfall and hill slope in Bandarban. District Sadar, Ruma, Thanchi, Boangchari, Lama, Alikadam and Naikhongchari upazilas have flooded internal roads and villages. 

Meanwhile, road communication between the whole country with Bandarban has disrupted for four days due to the main road was flooded. Road communication between Ruma, Thanchi, Boangchari, Lama, Alikadam upazila is also closed.

Rainfall continued in Bandarban on Friday morning. Internal road communications are closed due to almost every road of the upazilas and municipalities are flooded. 

Thousands of marooned people have taken shelter in 126 shelters in seven upazilas of the district. People are at huge risk of sudden landslide casualties. District administration is making public announcements asking locals to move into the shelters.