Tips to withdraw money from ATM booth in a secure way

Tips to withdraw money from ATM booth in a secure way


Published: 18:29 5 July 2021  



Nowadays, people rarely gather in banks to withdraw money to save time and labor. Everyone now relies on ATM booths for easy withdrawals. Moreover, it is not safe to go to the bank due to the Covid-19. So, everyone is more comfortable withdrawing money from the booth.

However, there is some harassment when it comes to withdrawing money from the booth. So, it is important to keep in mind some things when using ATM booths. Therefore, the hassle of using ATM booths can be largely avoided. 

So, let us know in detail about some of the issues – 

1. Withdraw money from ATM booths in busy areas.

2. When you see a crowd at the ATM booth, you can safely withdraw money from the machine at that time (But be careful not to reveal the Pin code of your card).

3. Take a good look around the ATM booth when entering. If something looks suspicious, cancel the withdrawal.

4. Before putting the PIN number in the ATM machine, make sure there is no one around. If possible, do as much as you can to hide the PIN number.

5. Take a good look at the ATM machine before withdrawing money. Often it was seen that fraudsters put fake panels in place of cardholders. With this, a copy of that card number can be revealed to the fraudsters. 

Even thin sheets are inserted in the place where the money comes out. So, when you enter the card and gives the pin code, the money does not come out. When you go out annoyed, the miscreants take out the money by removing that thin sheet.

Again, many times fraudsters put cameras inside ATMs to record your PIN number.

6. Do not take any help from any stranger at the ATM. Try to understand the person’s motive before asking for help. Avoid people who willingly come to your aid. If you need help at an ATM, seek the help of a security guard.

7. Do not leave the card at the ATM. Don't go out frustrated if the card gets stuck in the ATM machine. Get help from a security guard or call the bank’s customer care.

8. Don’t forget to take the receipt after the transaction. Keep the receipt with you until you can be sure that your transaction is correct. We have a habit of throwing the receipt in the dustbin of the ATM at the end of the transaction. It is advisable not to do it.

10. Close the door when you enter the ATM. In many cases, miscreants enter ATMs when seeing open doors and attack the customer. Many such incidents have taken place.

11. Do not start counting at the ATM by withdrawing money. Instead, come to a safe place and count the money. If there is any mistake, immediately complain to the customer section of the bank.