Tips to use stream iron with proper rules

Tips to use stream iron with proper rules


Published: 18:10 11 July 2021  

Clothes ironing; Photo: Collected

Clothes ironing; Photo: Collected

Whatever clothes you wear, keep them clean. After cleaning the clothes, iron them nicely. This will increase the aesthetics of the clothes several times. 

There are some special rules for ironing the clothes. If these rules are followed, the quality of the cloth will remain intact for a long time. Otherwise, your favorite garment will be ruined quickly due to some mistakes. So, iron the dress properly with the right rules –

>> You can iron your dresses on the table. If there is no table, spread a bed sheet or thick cotton sheet on the floor and iron your dresses. 

>> Before ironing clothes, notice whether you are ironing cotton, silk, georgette, linen clothes. Determine the temperature of the iron by knowing the type of fabric. Usually, the temperature is written on the iron, so notice that. 

>> Sprinkle water on arrowroot or starch clothes and ironed. Otherwise, the clothes are likely to burn or get stuck.

>> Place the smooth glossy satin or crepe cloth always in the folds of another light wet cotton cloth and then ironed.

>> Iron the block, handpainted, screenprint clothes in the opposite direction. So that, the color of the cloth will not be lost.

>> Do not iron the cotton cloth with a very stream iron, if you do this then the color of the cloth burns. Always iron in the opposite direction and if you use water while ironing before lifting, dry it in the air.

>> When ironing a shirt or blouse, first iron the collar and sleeves, then iron the rest.

>> Iron the cushions upside down. If there is a monogram on the table mat, iron it from the opposite side.

>> Those who have allergies or other problems when using body spray or perfume directly on the body – they need to iron the clothes by sprinkling a little perfume on the clothes. This will make the scent of the perfume last longer and will also protect you from the hassle of using perfume directly on the skin.

>> When the clothes are ironed, cool the clothes for an hour and then put them in the cupboard. The clothes will be good for a long time.