Alexa Technology to detect fake or real smile!

Technology to detect fake or real smile!

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Published: 22:28 31 July 2019  

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Smile, an expression that can hide your feelings. Untold pain, angry, sadness, huff everything can be hidden behind a smiling face. But there are differences between smiling from heart and smiling in need. Often it is hard to justify whether the smile is fake or real! Now, technology is going to make possible this task. By the blessing of science, the mystery of real and fake smile will be recovered.

The researchers of the UK’s Bradford University have made a software that can identify the real smile from the thousand of fake smiles. According to the researcher, the main thing of a smile is hidden in one’s eyes. And they followed this concept.

Through this technology, the treatment of mental patients will be easier. In future, a good relationship will be created between machine and human in the time of Biometric Identification.

Professor Hasan said, “Among the facial expressions, smile is most important. The smile is a positive expression. But differentiating between real and fake smile was a challenge. Now, with the help of technology, it is possible to identify the difference.”

But, how does this software work? At first, it watches the video of a human face. It noticed his/her lips, cheek and eyes movement carefully. Then it is identified how these organs are working at the time of smile. Then after calculating the expression, the result is shown that the smile is real or not. In this process, the eyes play the most vital role.

Researchers said, the difference can be identified by watching video clips carefully. If someone smiles from heart, his/her nerve works 10 times more. At the time of fake smile the area only beside the lips remains active. Eyes role is lesser there. But, still, it is not clearly said from when it will be available to the market.