Alexa Tanjin Tisha as sex worker in ‘Nayantara’

Tanjin Tisha as sex worker in ‘Nayantara’


Published: 14:31 25 May 2019  

Tanjin Tisha

Tanjin Tisha

Tanjin Tisha, a popular small screen actress of recent times. She appeared in different forms for the need of character. Again this actress is appearing with a different character this time.

Tisha will be seen as a sex worker in an Eid drama titled ‘Nayantara’. And Afran Nisho plays opposite her. 

Young director Alok Hasan has appeared these two stars in diverse characters in ‘Nayantara’. 

Recently, the shooting of the drama held in different locations in capital Dhaka.

In the drama, it will be seen that Afran Nisho sank into despair after losing everything. At one time, he became addicted to various drugs. 

On the other hand, in one night, Tanjin Tisha meets Nisho as drunk on street. She is a sex worker in profession. But in civil society, she is known as ‘Nishikanya’. That night, Nisho took Tisha to his house.

That’s how the story of the drama continues. But the ending will be different, said director Alok Hasan adding, “This is my dream project. I’m very optimistic about it.”

Earlier, he made a short film called ‘Chirkoot’. Now, the ‘Nayantara’ will be his second work. 

Tuly Bashar has written the story of ‘Nayantara’and producer Shamim Ahmed Rony has composed this. 

It is known that the drama will be broadcasted on a private television channel on Eid.