Symptoms that will understand increased salt in body

Symptoms that will understand increased salt in body

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Published: 17:51 18 July 2021  



Salt is incomparable in enhancing the taste of food. It can be said that no food tastes good without salt. Besides adding salt to vegetables, there are many of us who eat extra salt which is not healthy at all.

Do you know – this habit is pushing you to increase the taste of food a little, however, putting you at risk for heart diseases such as hypertension and stroke. Eating too much salt also signals the body. And if you don't catch the signals in time, there will be more dangerous. So, let’s find out how to understand that the body has increased salt – 

Constant headaches

Do you suffer from constant headaches lately? If there is no other problem, assume that the extra salt in the body is increasing the pressure on the head.

Frequent thirst

Even after drinking enough water, the thirst is not decreasing? Excess sodium, i.e, salt in the body cannot maintain the balance of your internal fluids. It is also an early sign of dehydration. If this happens, check the amount of sodium in the body.


Stomach bloating or breathing difficulty occurs after eating a little? You wanted to sip a glass of water, but it was seen that the stomach became heavier. Excess salt intake may be responsible for this.

Muscle abnormalities

Excess salt is also responsible for dehydration or abnormal muscle pain. Even if the sodium balance in the body is not right, the skin becomes wrinkled or swollen. So, keep an eye on whether the skin is getting thicker or wrinkled without any special reason.

Sharp pain

Excess salt also damages bones. Excessive salt intake is especially responsible for bone loss in women. So, if you have bone loss or sharp pain in different joints, check the amount of salt.

Change in sense of taste

As much salt as you think it should be given a little more? This is a major problem of eating too much salt. After doing this, even if you eat a moderate amount of salt, it will seem that there is no salt in the food at all. That means extra salt also changes your sense of taste.