Alexa Sunny Leone dances in Conal’s vocal

Sunny Leone dances in Conal’s vocal


Published: 20:35 28 August 2019  

Konal and Sunny Leone

Konal and Sunny Leone

In the 'Password' movie, singer Konal’s first party with song ‘Aagun Lagailo’ was widely discussed and praised. Inspired by that success, the popular singer made a new party song for the second time. Bollywood's 'Hot Cake' Sunny Leone will dance in the song composed by Prio Chattopadhyay while famous music director Akash Sen music the song.

This song, titled 'Sunny Sunny' sung by Konal is being included in ‘Bikkhov’ directed by Shamim Ahmed Rani, produced by Selim Khan. The recording of the song has been completed at a studio in Kolkata on August 25.

At the end of the recording, Konal said, "I did not know before singing the song 'Asgun Lagailo’, how the audience would accept the song in my voice." I was surprised, in my voice, in the new genre the song was liked by crazy people of all classes.

This time, 'Sunny Sunny' performed with double passion, Konal said. She said the new song is too catchy. “I was dancing while singing. Not just me, everyone who was there during the recording, was dancing. I sang like I did under the direction of the music director. The rest, Sunny Leone will present on the screen.”

Konall wanted to say the song as celebrity song rather than call an item song. According to her, this is basically a party song, a dance song. People will listen to the song and be bound to dance. Singularly it's a celebration song. At any festival, this song can be danced to the full.

In the context of Sunny Leone, Konal said people look at Sunny Leone with negative sense. “But I see her as a symbol of a struggling girl. She also expressed zeal over the song for Sunny Leone.

Shooting of the Big Budget film 'Bokkhov' begins September 1. The popular heroine of Kolkata Shrabanti will be screened in the main character. The song with Sunny Leone will be shooting in Mumbai on September 9. The producer, both directors, said that the song will cost around Tk 1 crore.