Suffers even in online train tickets!

Suffers even in online train tickets!


Published: 15:55 3 January 2020   Updated: 15:55 3 January 2020



A passenger named Jewel was traveling by the Subarna Express train on the Dhaka-Chattogram route who bought ticket online. But before getting on the train, he accidentally left the printed ticket at home. 

Then the troubles started to happen, as according to the railway law if anyone fails to show ticket, the fine is doubled of the total fare from the starting to the destination station. That means Jewel has to pay a fine Tk 760 even after buying the ticket with Tk 380. 

Jewel complained that if 50 percent of rail tickets are currently sold online, why is this traditional system of ticket printing still in operation? “If you print a ticket, what does it mean to buy online?” 

According to the law, the passengers must print a PDF copy of the online ticket before getting on the train or they must print from the counter where it is mandatory to show the national identity (NID) card. If a passenger fails to print a PDF copy of the ticket, he or she is fined charge twice than the real price of the ticket though digital tickets acceptable in the developed world.

In the meantime, some features have been added to the Rail app. The QR code has been installed in the PDF soft copy which helps to determine whether the ticket is genuine or not by scanning it. 

Apart from this, the Rail app has added new features for verifying tickets that stop of chances in 100 percentages to duplicate a ticket with Photoshop. Passengers can prove their ticket legitimacy with their national identity card and Railway App.

Even though tickets have been bought from the app or website, the rail authorities have not yet added the convenience of returning tickets online. That means if a passenger wants to return the ticket that bought from online, he or she will have to return it by appearing at the station standing in the line.

Meanwhile, the railway authorities have announced the closure of ticket blocking from 22 December. As a result, all train tickets are open from now on.

Several railway officials said, “There is a shortage of railway tickets than the desired for many days. Nevertheless, the certain amount of tickets which is available on various inter-city trains are reserved (blocked) on requesting and for VIPs. However, the railway authorities have taken up the procedure of reserving tickets, as well as reserved tickets for VIPs, are being opened 48 hours before.”

Additional Director General of Railways (Operation) Mia Jahan said, “The quota tickets would also be directed as to how many hours in advance the tickets would be released according to the persons. However, the railway administration is strictly monitoring various issues including black marketing.”