Strictness of law enforcers, no pressure of commuters, vehicles

3rd day of strict lockdown

Strictness of law enforcers, no pressure of commuters, vehicles


Published: 11:33 25 July 2021   Updated: 16:14 25 July 2021

A road in the capital in strcit lockdown; Photo: Collected

A road in the capital in strcit lockdown; Photo: Collected

Today is the third day of the government-imposed ‘most severe lockdown’ after Eid to curb the prevalence of the pandemic coronavirus (Covid-19). The strictness of law enforcement has been noticed on the road since Sunday morning. There were not much traffic and people on the roads in the capital.

While visiting various roads in the capital, it can be said that the roads are almost empty like the 2nd day of the lockdown. However, some small vehicles including private cars, rickshaws, motorcycles and ambulances were seen. Besides, many have been seen walking different distances. 

At the checkposts, members of the law enforcement agencies are being searched and interrogated who were out in the streets amid the lockdown. After a while, mobile patrols of RAB-police as well as army and BGB were noticed.

On July 13, the Cabinet Division imposed restrictions. In that order, the restrictions were relaxed from midnight on July 14 to 6 am on July 23 for Eid-ul-Azha. The announcement imposed new restrictions from 6 am on July 23.

The administration has said if anyone goes out of the house without urgent need during the severe lockdown, they will be punished. People are also instructed to be vigilant and wear masks during the restrictions. 

At that time, the State Minister for Public Administration Farhad Hossain said, offices-courts, garments-factories and all export-oriented things will be closed. This is going to be the “strictest ban” ever. People will not need to come out at this time – because there is no point in going to the office. Those who have been to the village know that the office is closed. They have to come after August 5.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Shipping has informed that all types of vehicles carrying passengers on the ferry will be closed under the restrictions. Only emergency cargo vehicles and ambulances will be allowed to cross following the strict hygiene rules.

However, the sectors related to the skin of sacrificial animals, food products and industrial companies producing products and medicines for the prevention of Covid-19 will be exempted from the restrictions.

Apart from this, limited banking activities have been resumed from today. Besides, the office of the insurance company and the stock market will remain open simultaneously.