‘Strawberry Moon’ to be seen on Thursday

‘Strawberry Moon’ to be seen on Thursday

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Published: 15:26 23 June 2021   Updated: 15:27 23 June 2021

Strawberry Moon; Photo: Collected

Strawberry Moon; Photo: Collected

The last Super Moon of the year ‘Strawberry Moon’ will be seen on Thursday. On this day, the moon will turn red and can be seen as 12 percent bigger than the normal size.

The Indian Express reported this on Wednesday.

The world saw a super moon ‘Blood Moon’ about a month ago. That day was the first Lunar Eclipse of the year. The Solar Eclipse took place a few days later. Everyone is going to witness another scientific incident on Thursday.

‘Strawberry Moon’ will be seen from 11:15 pm on Thursday and will continue till 2:35 am. However, the scientists said the Super Moon likely not to see from the Indian subcontinent. 

Usually, the distance of the moon from the earth is 384,400 km. But in the case of Super Moon, this distance is reduced to 356,700 km. The moon orbits the earth at the time. 

The distance to the moon decreases when it moves to the middle of the chamber. Then the moon looks bigger. During this, the red waves in the seven colors of the sun penetrate the earth’s atmosphere and reach the moon.

Indigenous communities in the United States cultivate strawberries this early season. That is why they call this period Super Moon as Strawberry Moon. This supermoon has different names in different parts of the world.