Statin reduces risk of cancer: Study

Statin reduces risk of cancer: Study

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Published: 16:05 7 July 2021  

A cancer cell; Representational Photo

A cancer cell; Representational Photo

Many people around the world die of cancer every year. Meanwhile, the incidence of heart failure patients with cancer is increasing day by day in the world. Scientists have recently made great strides in its treatment.

Patients with heart failure use statins, a class of medicines, to reduce their risks of cancer by 18 percent, compared to non-statins, according to a new study.

Studies have also shown that the use of statins reduces the risk of death from cancer by “26 percent”. 

The results of this new study have been published in the European Heart journal.

There has not been much research on the risk of cancer and death in patients with statin drugs and heart failure. Medical scientists at the University of Hong Kong have done this kind of research. For this, they have observed about 87,000 cases.

According to researchers, the longer a person with heart failure takes statins, the risk of developing cancer becomes lower.

Dr. Kai Hang Yiu, an associate professor at the University of Hong Kong who led the study, said heart failure is a growing disease worldwide, but in this case, the increased risk of death due to not being related to heart disease is a matter of concern. “Our research paper will help raise the awareness of physicians about the cancer propensity of heart failure patients and focus on aspects that are not related to cardiovascular,” he also said. 

Our research also “highlights” the link between heart failure and cancer development and provides important information on cancer risk reduction and mortality in these patients using statins, Dr. Kai Hang Yiu added.

Researchers have called for more research. He also suggested screening cancer patients for possible strategies to reduce the risk of cancer, such as heart failure.