Alexa Spice-market unrest before Eid

Spice-market unrest before Eid


Published: 17:35 3 August 2019  

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Holy Eid-ul-Azha is knocking. During Eid, the spice markets become unstable. The price is being raised for various reasons. Prices have been rising for the last few weeks. The price of some spices has increased from Tk 50 to Tk 200. However, the involved people blamed floods, syndicates and seasonal investments behind rising prices. Consumers are outraged at this rising price. For this, they demanded to increase market monitoring. However, retailers demand that they have to raise prices due to higher prices.

Cardamom is being sold at Tk 2750 to 2800 per kg, Large Cardamom Tk 880 per kg, Jayatri Tk 2500 to 2600, Clove Tk 850, Pepper Tk 580 to 600, Black Pepper Tk 480, Cumin Tk 350 to 400, Caraway Tk 880 per kg, Raisins Tk 290, Star Spice Tk 650 per kg, Cinnamon Tk 420 to 450 have been seen to sell in few shops in the capital's Kawran Bazar and Moulvibazar. 

Garlic is sold at Tk 170, Indian Garlic Tk 190, Ginger Tk 160 to 180, Onion Tk 45 to 50, Indian Onion Tk 40.

At this time, the demand for spices is increasing every day and businessmen took it as an opportunity to raise the price.

Banker Mohammed Masum Mia came to Kawran Bazar to buy essential items including spices. He is not happy with the price of spices. He demanded to increase market surveillance.

Suraj Ali, a retailer of Kawran Bazaar said, “We have nothing to do. We have to sell it as like as we bought it.”

However, Hafez Mohammad Enayet Ullah the president of Bangladesh Spice Dealers Association said that the spice market is stable. He referred it as a slight increase. No new spice prices have risen after the Eid al-Fitr. The market has remained stable since then. But he also blamed the spice production crisis on the world market and booking growth for the price increase.

On the other hand, sellers say the seasonal investment is one of the reasons for the rise in prices in the retail market. Many people skipped other businesses and invest money in spices in times of Eid. They also charge higher prices for extra profit.

Again, on the occasion of Eid, spice prices have risen several times in Khatunganj, Chittagong the country's largest wholesale spice market. In Chittagong, the price is getting less and more also.

Clove costs Tk 830 in Khatunganj, Tk 1200 in Reazuddin Bazar, and Tk 1500 in Kajir Deewari. Cardemom Tk 2200 in Khatunganj and Tk 2500 in Reazuddin Bazar and in Kajir Deewari it costs Tk 2800 to 3000. Pepper Tk 420 in Khatunganj, Tk 600 in Riazuddin Bazar and Kajir Deewari. White Pepper Tk 700 in Khatunganj, Tk 1000 in Rayazuddin Bazar and Kajir Deewari. Cumin 340 in Khatunganj, Tk 360 in Riazuddin Bazar, Tk 450 in Kajir Deewari.

Coriander 100 in Khatunganj, 105 in Riazuddin Bazar, 120 in Kajir Deewari. Nutmeg 425 in Khatunganj, 700 in Riazuddin Bazar and Kajir Deewari. Cubeb 2400 in Khatunganj, 3000 in Reazuddin Bazar and 3200 in Kajir Deewari. Caraway 900 in Khatunganj, 1400 in Riazuddin Bazar, 1500 in Kajir Deewari. Bund 1100 in Khatunganj, 1300 in Riazuddin Bazar and Kajir Deewari.
Cinnamon 400 in Khatunganj, 450 in Rayazuddin Bazar and Kajir Deewari. Curcuma Longa 100 in Khatunganj, 130 in Rayazuddin Bazar, 180 in Kajir Deewari. Ginger 100 in Khatunganj, 180 in Riazuddin Bazar and Kajir Deewari. Onion 23-26 in Khatunganj, 38-40 in Reazuddin Bazar and Kajir Deewari.

Meanwhile, TCB has been selling sugar, lentils and soybean oils across the country including the capital, on the occasion of Eid since last Sunday (July 23).

Humayun Kabir, a public relations officer of TCB, said that these products will be sold at a low price on the open market in 187 trucks across the country. The goods are being sold through 35 trucks in Dhaka, 10 in Chittagong, 5 in divisional cities and 2 in district headquarters. In addition, TCB has started selling these products through TCB's 2,827 dealers and 10 retail centers. Sugar is being sold at Tk 50 per kg, medium lentils at Tk 50 and Tk 85 for 1-liter soybean oil.