Alexa `Special Plan` to bring corruption to zero: PM

`Special Plan` to bring corruption to zero: PM


Published: 20:13 12 June 2019  

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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has said that the government has a special plan to bring the corruption down to zero by strengthening the ACC, strengthening public awareness programs and using modern IT technologies to prevent corruption.

Prime Minister said this on Wednesday in response to a question of Begum Rowshan Ara Mannan of the question-answer session.

She said that after taking the prime minister office for the third time, the government has adopted zero-tolerance policy against corruption for the welfare of the people and to create a corruption-free country. Apart from strengthening the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC), strengthening public awareness and using modern IT technology, we have a special plan to bring corruption down to zero. Through this, the government is fully prepared to create a good governance-based administrative structure and welfare state in the real socio-economic development and welfare of the country by completely eradicating the corruption.

The Prime Minister said Anti-Corruption Commission is an independent and autonomous organization established by the Anti-Corruption Commission Act. Presently, the ACC is conducting an immediate operation in different ministries/offices on the basis of regular and specific allegations through the Enforcement Team. As a result, the trend of corruption in different ministries/offices is declining. Through the organizational team, the ministry of the Ministry or the office sent the recommendation in different ministries or offices to prevent corruption and the reasons for the disclosure. As a result, the concerned ministries or departments can take effective measures to prevent organized corruption in their institutions. Due to such activities of the ACC, corruption in various ministries or offices is gradually decreasing.

Sheikh Hasina said the commission has formulated a strategy for preventing corruption. Under this program, mass publicity is being organized to create public awareness against corruption. In addition to the honest and transparent people of the society, 'corruption prevention committee' in each district and Upazila; A 'school-college honesty association' and 'Integrity Store' have been set up. As a result of these positive activities, mass people have been vocal against corruption. Anti-corruption attitude is being created among the soft-spoken students of school-college.

During this time, the Prime Minister gave a detailed description of all the arrangements for taking the prevention of corruption during her government's tenure.