Alexa Smartphone for blood pressure detection

Smartphone for blood pressure detection

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Published: 17:34 17 August 2019  



Many new features are being added to the smartphone due to the advancement of technology. Many health-related features are also being added. Subsequently, a technology for smartphone ‘Transdermal Optical Imaging’ invented which is able to measure blood pressure.

A research team of the University of Toronto, Canada, said that the technology will measure blood pressure by analyzing short video that contains facial expressions. Through this,  95 percent accurate result can get. A smartphone app is under developing based on technology.

Kang Lee, a Professor and the Research Chair of Developmental Neuroscience of the University of Toronto, is developing the smartphone app that can monitor blood pressure by analyzing a short selfie video.

Digital sensors on a smartphone can detect the red light that’s reflected by hemoglobin, a blood cell protein, under the skin. This allows the camera to capture minuscule changes in circulation that can be used to predict blood pressure through machine-learning algorithms, Lee explains.

Lee and his colleagues measured the blood flow of 1,328 Canadian and Chinese adults by capturing two-minute videos using an iPhone equipped with transdermal optical imaging software.

The technology's high accuracy is within international standards for devices used to measure blood pressure, according to Lee.

“If future studies could confirm this exciting result in hypertensive patients and with video camera measurements made during daily life, then obtaining blood pressure information with a click of a camera may become reality,” according to Ramakrishna Mukkamala, circulation imaging Editorial Author and Professor of Michigan State University. 

The videos were captured in a certain light in a controlled environment in the laboratory. However, it is not yet clear how effective this technology will be in the outdoor environment or at home. Besides, the sample used in the test is not enough for this app.